March 16, 2020


As of March 16, 2020 I am updating our studio to VIDEO SESSIONS ONLY for at least the next two weeks. Video sessions are a great way to learn at home and still feed your artistic souls without having to put yourself or others at higher risk. I will be contacting all students who have lessons on the calendar. You may instead choose to receive credit for future rescheduling of your lesson, however I believe that students will need and crave a creative outlet and I am committed to bringing joy and art to as many of my students as possible.

I know video sessions might sound intimidating to those who are less tech savvy, but I promise: it’s very easy and I will help you navigate it! Some might think remote sessions are less effective, but this isn’t necessarily true. Of course there are some techniques that are more effective in person, however I have witnessed the clear difference in progress when a student takes video lessons vs when they forgo lessons for a time if they are unable to come to the studio. The student is always better off having kept up their studies remotely! It is so valuable to keep moving towards your goals. Don’t let this thing take that away from you!

I am following the national and world wide updates closely, and at this time I feel this is the best way to make sure you and your families and mine stay as safe as possible. I am preparing for the possibility that we may be remote for longer than 2 weeks, but I will keep you updated as we move along here.

Video Session Guidelines:

1. SHEET MUSIC AND SCRIPTS: Send me all sheet music, script pages (can be just pictures of the script) that I will need to have on my end before the session to save in session time. Text or email.

2. EAR BUDS: Online sessions work best if both of us are wearing ear buds, preferably with a mic. Air pods work great if you have those. I use ear buds with a little phone mic built into the cable. This helps control looping feedback.

3. TRACKS: You should have tracks ready to play on your side of the call. Because of the slight delay, I won’t be able to play your tracks for you with efficiency. If you are unable to access your tracks and you know I have them, please let me know and I’ll email them to you.

Here is a quick tutorial for how to get started on Zoom. All this works best on your computer, but it can also work on your phone. Once you click the link, you’ll be able to join me in the video terminal!


Thankfully with the use of online sessions we will be able to continue to work towards our goals and find joy and motivation despite all else.


Thank you! I love you!




March 11, 2020

[Though the following text is now outdated, I want to keep these guidelines and procedures posted for the future!]

On Wednesday March 11, 2020 the World Health Organization labelled the COVID-19 viral disease a pandemic. While I do not wish to incite panic, I want students to know that I am staying informed on the situation and am taking precautions towards the health and safety of my students and family. As of today March 12, private lessons for OC ProVoice students will remain scheduled as usual. In addition to cleaning surfaces before and after each appointment, I will be implementing and asking for the following practices:

  • Students and accompanying parties will be invited to wash hands upon arrival.
  • Students will be invited to stand in the staging area, instead of by the piano.
  • Please make students aware of the importance of covering mouths while coughing and washing hands thoroughly throughout the day and avoiding contact with hands and faces (especially eyes, mouths, and noses).
  • In an attempt to keep hands away from faces, I will be adjusting techniques to avoid this contact. Any necessary contact will be preceded by distribution of hand sanitizer or wet wipe disinfectant.
  • If you are sick, please do not come to lessons. I will be more lenient with the cancellation policy during this time, though I ask that you remain conscious of your scheduling and please only utilize this lenience if absolutely necessary due to illness, and not scheduling oversight. Please remember that lenience on last minute cancellations inhibits my business, and is only being offered on a temporary basis as a precaution to control the spread of illness.
  • Remember lessons can be served online! If you would like to take your lesson online instead of coming into the studio, please let me know and I will send you a Zoom link. These lessons work best using earbuds that have a built in microphone (or if you’re fancy a USB mic can be used in addition to earbuds/headphones).

For more information on COVID-19, please visit the CDC website.


Thank you for your cooperation! I’m committed to providing a safe learning environment for all students, and wish to continue their growth journey while monitoring this situation.