There is a TON of information to digest when you’re auditioning for a huge conservatory based school, like OCSA. There are SO MANY things to consider, and you can only apply for TWO conservatories! And every conservatory has their own specific guidelines and parameters for your admissions package. And every year they are a LITTLE BIT different.



Here’s a seminar I did on FB LIVE giving information about the conservatories I coach auditions for (Acting, Classical Voice, Commercial Music: Vocal, Integrated Arts, and Musical Theatre).

It’s a lot of information, so get yourself a snack and sit down and have a listen!

And let me know if you have any questions, I’d love to hear them and will come back to answer them!

OCSA Auditoning Q&A Via Facebook Live!



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And here’s another little gift I have for you…

My gift to you!  Here are some thorough, easy to read checklists for the 5 OCSA conservatories I coach audition material for. These will help guide you in preparation for your audition application and help get you through it!

I LOVE a good checklist. It helps me organize my tasks and make sure I’m on the right track! And it feels SO GREAT to check things off the list–sometimes it’s easy to feel burried under all the work, but a good hand held checklist reminds me that I AM getting things done!

If you would like a checklist, fill out the form below and let me know which lists you’d like!

(1. Acting, 2. Classical, 3. Commercial Music: Voice, 4. Interated Arts, 5. Musical Theatre).

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Disclaimer: I am not associated with OCSA and coaching with me does not guarantee admittance. As with any audition, professional coaching and guidance will simply give you your best chance at presenting your full potential. I have a high acceptance rate for OCSA and, as a former OCSA conservatory instructor, I have insight on what makes a successful audition, however competition is fierce and many factors are involved on the administration’s end that will lead to offering an invitation for admittance. My job is to help you put your best foot forward which will give you your best opportunity!