Are you prepared??

Are you audition ready??


Students will receive coaching and consultation on a song of their choice, or recommendations for a song that will best showcase their talents and strengths and appeal to admissions! My attention to detail and focus on performance value along with the beautiful unique talents your student already has inside them collaborate to create a strong, dynmamic performance that’s bound to stand out!



This part can seem overwhelming and impossible for most parents to navigate. I will help you select, refine, and maximize the potential for your monologue(s), with easy to understand, fun techniques and lots of attentiont to detail.  Whether your student is a seasoned actor, or has never even looked at a monologue before, I will help you choose what suits you best, and then get the most out of it!

Video Portfolio

In addition to coaching, we film, edit, and upload a professional, high quality video portfolio in accordance to OCSA audition guidelines.  With high quality sound, lighting, and filming, plus “on-set” coaching, we make sure your student has the best opportunity to showcase their talents, with the best looking and sounding equipment. Students love this part–it makes them feel like a superstar!

Interview Coaching

Most people forget about the interview! In a 2-round audition conservatory, this is usually (or potentially) part of the second round.  With some light interview coaching, students will learn how to have ideas prepared to speak clearly, slowly, and distinctly without rambing or the dreaded awkward silence.  Students learn to speak authentically from the heart, leaving a positive impression on their interviewer.


As a former OCSA conservatory instructor, and the head of an entertaiment company with history in casting, I have a lot of insight on what works in an audition, and what will appeal to admissions.  Of course, there is never a guarantee, but with my lens, I’m able to give you my best opinion on what you showcase–from what you wear, to your song and monologue choices, to your interview preparation.

Professional Finesse

Showing that you care and are committed to furthering your development can sometimes be a factor in decision making.   Professional coaching and filming, tells administrators, “I WANT THIS!” and, “I’M WILLING TO DO WHAT IT TAKES!”  And THOSE are the kinds of students they are looking to admit!  Why not give yourself the best chance by putting your best foot forward!


Give yourself your best chance to succeed!


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OCSA Auditioning – 2017-18 school year

OCSA Auditioning – 2017-18 school year

Disclaimer: I am not associated with OCSA and coaching with me does not guarantee admittance. As with any audition, professional coaching and guidance will simply give you your best chance at presenting your full potential. I have a high acceptance rate for OCSA and, as a former OCSA conservatory instructor, I have insight on what makes a successful audition, however competition is fierce and many factors are involved on the administration’s end that will lead to offering an invitation for admittance. My job is to help you put your best foot forward which will give you your best opportunity!