(rates TBA)


YOUR STUFF:  You are welcome to record ANYTHING on your own recording devices during your session, if time provides. If you need to film, I usually recommend doing a FULL COACHING FIRST, and then booking another session JUST for recording. This will give us ample time to workshop the material, and hopefully give you time to go home and work on it before going on camera. In my experience, rushing to film in a short 55 minute session without proper preperation can be stressful and rarely yields desirable results.  There are nerves that come into play when the camera is on, so unless you are a one-take wonder, or have already worked your piece at length, I recommend giving yourself the time you need to get the best result.  ALSO… MAKE SURE YOU HAVE PLENTY OF SPACE ON YOUR RECORDING DEVICE!!


MY STUFF:  If you would like me to take care of the filming, not a problem!  Just let me know so I can make sure the camera is charged and the SD card is empty.  The price includes the filming, audio syncing, editing, and uploading of the video.  This can take several hours, but I am offering the work at a flat rate for my students.  (Note: This rate is for a clip, audition tape, or what else can fit into a 55 minute session.  For school audition tapes, please see below.)  Sample in-house produced videos available upon request! Please note, the rate for the video does not include the session rate.  Sessions may be booked at and the cost of the video can be paid additionally with cash, check, or through venmo or paypal.


EITHER WAY: COME PREPARED!  Make sure you know your material so we can showcase your best work!




The final rate will be relative to the amount of hours spent in the studio and the amount of editing necessary to create a great demo. 

Please contact me for a quote and current pricing.

Please note, the quote is my best guess on what the price will be, but may change if more work is necessary. We will do our best to land on the rate we agree on, and will always try to make our rates fair and relative to the work we do.

ADDITIONAL TIME                                                           $50

  • Price for each additional half hour for recording time


ADDITIONAL VIDEO                                                         $50

  • 2 cuts of the footage are included in the audition package. However, if you require an additional cut, please be advised.



($300 if contracted within 7 days of the deadline, and only if scheduling permits)

  • If filing and submitting your application is overwhelming and upsetting you or technology makes you go “oohhh nooooo!”, don’t worry, I can help you! In fact every year I end up submitting a student’s application because a parent is tired of looking at it all J  I get it!  As this is usually a long process, and requires a lot of back and forth communication so that everything is submitted correctly, I need at least 2 weeks to submit comfortably.  Last minute filing is not recommended, includes a fee, and subject to my availability.  I will not accept contracts I can not fulfil, so last minute booking is not guaranteed.


LAST MINUTE FILM SHOOT                                           $500

  • Filming 14 days before your deadline is considered last minute. We will not accept contracts we cannot finish before a deadline, so booking is based on scheduling and availability for editing and uploading, etc.
  • Contracting and pricing may vary if additional help is required to finish your video, therefore I do not recommend waiting.